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We are the manufacturer of "Great Power" and "Penanica" battery in China, We are a leading producer in manufacturing a high quality brand specializing in Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion and Alkaline, Alkaline Button Cell battery. Our factory is based in Pan Yu, Guangzhou China and we have drawn some of the most highly skilled technicians and experienced management personnel from the established battery industry in China, to provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality products and world class service. For the upcoming 21st century, we have a clear and steady vision of competing strongly to become the very best in power source industry.
Previously we did only OEM brands and with the pace of the company expansion and development, we started to manufacture our own brand
name of "Great Power" and "Penanica. Sales for Asia to Europe and North America. Our annual battery sales are 20 US million.
Most of our batteries are assembled by machine, which makes productivity better and quality stable in comparison to man made battery. We invest mostly in advanced machinery to improve our quality and production of the batteries. This helps "Great Power" and "Penanica" battery to perform better and more stable electrical performance.
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